Mocha at Grycan

The only minus (sorry to say) – not sweet enough!

Another Polish company raised on family tradition – of making ice-cream. Although formally in business in its present shape only since 2004, the name has well established itself as an upper-shelf brand on the Polish market.

Whether it’s because it famed itself in (allegedly) delicious ice-cream, the coffee’s not raised to the expectations set out by the presentation. I have a thing for those little biscuits served on the side of the coffee (you will read me write this many a time), I generally think it’s a lovely touch that shows the company still cares about prevailing the spirit of  a local coffee-house, even when cutting down on costs (which many coffee giants tend to do these days).

If I happened to stumble across one of these shops again, I would definitely try an affogato or a different coffee with ice-cream. Maybe mocha is not their strongest side – or I was just having a very sweet tooth that day. My companion thought it was too sweet (then again, she does like black coffee…).

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