Pijalnia Czekolady Wedel


Visited at a Warsaw shopping centre, Golden Terraces

This was one hearty cup (glass?) of coffee. Stronger than expected at a chocolatier’s – but the chocolate side of it did not disappoint!

Mocha (left) at a Pijalnia in Warsaw
(accompanied by a Raspberry Chocolate)

Made with original Wedel milk chocolate and crowned with chocolate shavings, this was a mocha from the heart of Polish chocolate tradition. I felt it a bit sacrilegious choosing a coffee out of the tempting array of  hot chocolates – the brand promised to deliver on their signature produce.

The E. Wedel company was established in 1851 as has quickly made a name for itself across the continent, with chocolate shops in Paris and London, among others. Since 1999 it was actually part of Cadbury plc. until sold to a Japanese company, Lotte, in 2010.

Definitely worth visiting for the long confectionery tradition and historical influences over the 19th and 20th centuries; or you might at least pop into a Polish deli and get a box of Ptasie Mleczko (chocolate covered marshmallow) to get a taste of one of the classics.

As for the coffee, couldn’t take my lips of the rim and finished it in three (decent) sips. A glass of water would have been appreciated, as it proved a bit too strong for 8pm – my bad!


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