Kilimanjaro Coffee

I knew where I was going. I knew what to expect. And I knew it wouldn’t disappoint.

Kilimanjaro is part of a mysterious group of cafes dotted around Edinburgh ran by one and the same manager. None of these cafes have websites and neither does the said manager, therefore it’s difficult to find any information about where and how the skills to make these mouthwatering coffees are born – and I guess that is part of the mystical charm of these venues.

Decaf Mocha at Kilimanjaro Coffee

I set up a semi-business meeting at Kili and was first to arrive to this bright, Africa-styled place; when the barista heard I was waiting for someone, he instantly offered to help myself to a glass of water from the self-service shelf – a lovely touch which I surely appreciated after a mad run, hoping not to be late. I sat down an absorbed the warm, cheerful atmosphere of the place. The decor is set in beige and brown, some reds and yellows, unlike cool and stylish Project Coffee or Wellington Coffee, but it is all very toned and pleasant to the eye; especially if you’re a savannah lover.

When my colleague arrived we both decidedly opted for decaf mochas (it was quite late in the afternoon, I’ll have you know). They looked like perfect copies of the same beverage at Project – and tasted like it as well. Use of decaffeinated beans did not affect the quality of the coffee in the slightest. I paced myself not to down it at once, whilst listening to my colleague outlining our project, devoting at least half of my attention to the pleasure of sipping the beverage.

I left with a promising partnership in the making as well as a personal mission, to find out the secret behind the magic of Kili and her sister mochas… In other words, it’s a yes from me.

Decaf Mocha: 2,45

Verdict Justification: Simply amazing

Kilimanjaro Coffee, 104 Nicholson Street, Edinburgh, 0131 662 0135

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