Blackwood Coffee

I remember passing this place on a bus once, as it grabbed my eye among all the other colourful shops on Morningside Road; I knew sooner or later I’d have to visit. Recently an opportunity arouse, as a friend I’d not seen for a good while suggested we should meet there for coffee. It had to be done.

As we entered the spacious, stylish, yet not over-furnished interior and approached the minimalistic till and cake cabinet, I stopped in the middle of a sentence (and, as I recall, I was talking about this blog), to note: “This looks familiar!”. The thought kept nagging me as we ordered and sat down by the window bar-style table, and as we waited and chatter, until our coffee’s arrived; the texture, the colour, finally, the finishing touches on my mocha left no doubt: as I said: “This looks like Coffee Project”, my companion responded: “This looks like Wellington Coffee”. And indeed, when my friend went to get himself a scone and inquired, it turned out we were both right, and I was stunned by the realisation.

Soy Mocha at Blackwood Coffee

Once more did the mysterious management of Jon Sharp impressed with consistency and top-notch quality in another one of his outlets; I call him mysterious, as I’ve still not managed to arrange to speak to him (but I shall keep trying!) and the obvious chain of cafe’s dotted around Edinburgh still poses an enigma to me: how many more are there? Until that day, I thought I had only missed one to date, and was planning on visiting it soon; and although it poses a challenge (which I cannot refuse to accept) to learn the story behind this whole business – although it seems like a stained word to use with reference to a trade close to excellence – I have no doubt now, that any other cafe associated with Project, Kili, and the likes will not fail to stand up to what their sisters have delivered: a cup of coffee that leaves you begging for more.

I have to say, it was a very pleasant randes-vous, and a great surprise too – and, yes, I am referring to the coffee.

P.S. I was told that the scone was as enjoyable as the ones at Project Coffee!

Soy mocha: 2,60

Verdict justification: It might have been the soya milk that seemed to slightly water down the consistency, compared with mochas at the other two venues – quite likely that standard (whole?) milk would have been denser; also, felt it was just a bit too quiet…

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