Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak beans from The Bean Shop

I anticipated the moment when I could peacefully and with all my attention focused on the ritual perform a Kopi Luwak coffee tasting. I had been kindly sent a 50g packet by The Bean Shop and awaited the right day and time; it came an hour before setting of for a trip abroad, so it could have been considered either a great start to a holiday, or the last disastrous coffee in this country for a week. Thankfully, it was the former.

Ground Kopi Luwak

The Bean Shop informed me that they stock theirKopi from Interamerican coffee in Hamburg and that it consists traditionally of Sulawesi beans. Generally Sulawesi single origin is bold, with earthy and herbal flavours; although not the strongest type, can still be quite overwhelming to occasional coffee drinkers, or the Instant Coffee Generation. I myself like stronger blends, yet, I have never been a fan of the Indonesian flavour profile. But, to give this one a chance, I ground it for French-press and brewed it straight away in a cafetiere for the best quality and taste.

Kopi Luwak tasting

This Kopi Luwak was nothing of what I expected, maybe apart from the low acidity. It wasn’t heavy and there was no lingering taste on the tongue; instead, unlike Indonesian types, it felt more like a medium bodied coffee, was smooth in texture and also quite refreshing – although it seemed to smell of cocoa and ground, it had a delicate and pleasant herbal flavour. For a variation I added a wee splash of soy

milk and vanilla syrup – and I was in heaven.

I can understand how some people could find a cup of Kopi an extremely disappointing experience, considering its price – especially those who are fans of extra bold brews. However, I for one could become an ambassador for Kopi, for all the unpredictability and pleasant surprises it carries within. From experience I know it is not easy to convince someone to try it out – but I can say it is very satisfying to see them enjoy it when they do!

Kopi Luwak at The Bean Shop

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