Honeycomb Latte

There is no honeycomb in this coffee, I need to make clear from the start. There is honey, however, and there is crunch. Close enough, I hope – although I will have a naming problem, if I happen to make an actual honeycomb latte. Will worry about that in due course though.

Honeycomb Latte

This one is super easy to make but it tastes great, if you like sweet coffees. I started with pouring honey in a glass. I also heated some milk in a microwave and then steamed it with my espresso machine to make some foam on top – you can achieve this also with a milk frother (back in the days, you could get them with instant cocoa boxes); then slowly poured the milk on top of the honey, leaving some of the froth on the bottom of the steaming jug for later.

In a separate cup I mixed a VIA sachet (you might as well use the new Nescafe Azera or equivalent) with half the amount of water. Next, I poured the coffee on top of the milk, then topped with the rest of the froth and some toffee sprinkles (available in better confectioners’ and coffee supply shops). And – presto!

Psst! I recommend you stir the coffee after appreciating the final effect.

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