The Lighthouse


The Lighthouse in Windermere was one of the first venues I visited when moving down to the Lakes nearly six years ago. Its strategic position in the central spot among the one-way system roads contributes to its potential, especially when one notes the restaurant has three storeys overlooking the surroundings, including the mountainous landscapes, and the lovely interior that has recently been renovated.

Why the place always lured me inside is rather inexplicable, as there was always something amiss, whenever I went. Several times I wished to order a bagel sandwich for my breakfast and every single time they were out bagels; and when I had a hot chocolate there with my mum one winter past, we both agreed that it wasn’t up to scratch.

Mocha at The Lighthouse
Mocha at The Lighthouse

This was the first time I visited since beginning my coffee journey, however. But if I expected the standards had changed with the decor, then I was mistaken.

The coffee was drinkable, but nothing more. It lacked a chocolatey punch or density of a proper mocha. And worst of all, the single time I specifically asked for whipped cream, they forgot to put it on.

For what I remember, The Lighthouse serves good breakfasts and lunches – as for dinners or cocktails, I hadn’t had a chance yet to try those. But with an fairly substantial plethora of coffee shops to choose from, considering the size of the village, this would not be my first option.

Mocha: £2.20

Verdict justification: OK coffee with some food, but nothing special on its own

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