Cafe Italia


For a while I thought Cafe Italia was another example of the extent of the economic crisis as it stood closed for most of the winter; only when I bothered to actually read the little note that was on the door did I learn that they were re-opening beginning of February – just in time for Valentines Day.

It did look like a cosy, romantic spot but I only got to see it from the inside mid-March. It was quite a small place, nicely decorated in shades of red – so suitable for an Italian cafe. The menu was concise but offered various coffees, hot and cold lunch options and cakes. Although it March was meant to be the “time to be good”, I gave in to the temptation of a lemon cheesecake – not an easy choice considering the scrumptious presentation of other bakes in the small glass pastry case.

Mocha at Cafe Italia
Mocha at Cafe Italia

The presentation of my order when it arrived to the table was even better; the high price of the cheesecake suddenly made sense, as it was accompanied by ice cream and strawberries, all divine. The mocha also looked superb… but the taste left me a bit troubled. Whether it was a different type of cocoa, or the milk, or the fact of steaming the cocoa and milk together, I cannot tell, but the final product had a curious bitter/burnt taste to it, one that is very hard to pinpoint as I had not experienced it before. It was drinkable and even enjoyable in its own way – that being, as an accompaniment to the sweet cheesecake, but on its own it was a bit… stomach troubling, let’s say.

That is a shame, because the spot is indeed cute and cozy and the staff are very friendly and attentive; although four waiters for this tiny place might be a bit of an overcrowding. The location is also perfect – set on the tiny square between two supermarkets, in the shade of a sole tree, standing as a prime example of a refuge from the daily life affairs of a busy city (or village) life. All this taken into consideration, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be coming back.

Mocha: £2.65

Verdict justification: Something about the coffee just isn’t right; but the place itself is very nice indeed.

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