Cafe Contour

It was a working afternoon for me, but since I was in town, and in The Green, I thought it a good idea to refuel and unwind – and Café Contour seemed a perfect spot to do just that. Especially since I was in an office dress code…

Mocha at Cafe Contour
Mocha at Cafe Contour

It certainly was my kind of space: clean and minimalistic, black and white décor, with cool light fixtures and a professional looking clientele. I was served by the boss himself, who, having noticed my camera, invited me to film as much of the place and the exterior as I’d like – as long as it was going viral. I wasn’t going to do any such thing, I’m afraid, but I was still in business when I ordered a flat white for myself and a mocha for a friend who I met in town – and, naturally, tasted both, for the purposes of this review.

I started with the mocha, which was supposed to be sweetened prior to serving – an odd and oldfashioned practice, if you asked me. However, it didn’t taste like it had any extra sugar in it, edging on non-sweetness to be honest. As it later turned out, the sugar was on the bottom of the cup, which was hard to assume – or deal with – since there were no teaspoons provided. It was OK, but nothing special, spoiled by too hot and too frothy milk.

Flat White at Cafe Contour
Flat White at Cafe Contour

As for my flat white, that one was definitely edging on bitterness, tasting somewhat of burned or old-ish espresso. I can’t say it was bad – it was drinkable, and would have been even more so, if it hadn’t been scalding hot. But I won’t go as far as to saying it was enjoyable. I was inclined to get a helping of chocolate coated nuts to aid the experience, but eventually I bit my teeth together and drank it up.
A real shame, as the location and the feel of the place was just to my taste. And yet, the coffee wasn’t…

Mocha: £2.40

Flat White: £2.20

Verdict justification: Milk steamed too hot and not the best espresso. The food smelled good, however, so it seemed like a very cool spot, if you’re not having coffee.

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