Kilau Coffee

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Having seen with my own eyes the roasting process of their K2 beans, I could not walk past Kilau Coffee when I happened to be working in the University of Aberdeen area (which feels like a village in the centre of town by the way – very cute and cosy). The café’s tucked in on a cobblestone street, opposite the University; on first sight it seems a tiny take-away spot only, but the signage with opening hours suggests there’s also a downstairs, and as I was waiting for my coffee, I also saw people coming out from a back area.

Kilau Coffee
Kilau Coffee

As  I was waiting there in the cramped room, filled by a coffee machine, small bar, a virtually empty drinks and food fridge and increasing amount of student cutomers, I could also relish in the beautiful presentation delivered by the skilled barista with every single cup. The stunning latte art was mastered on the premises, as the barista, in reply to my question, said that the only place where he trained was the shop, with his manager.

Although by then I did not doubt the barista’s abilities – I felt fond of him from the start, thanks to the cool professionalism delivered by his fully tattooed arms – I did not expect much latte art on my soy mocha, made, as I spotted, with unsweetened organic soy milk. A quick guide to milk steaming: the more fat/sugar in the milk, the thicker and smoother the foam after (adequate) steaming – not meaning to say that low-fat milk products won’t produce a creamy foam… as proved by the Kilau barista. Maybe it wasn’t a 100% latte art, but I think it was as close as it gets in the circumstances (the effect on the photo is already spoiled by the lid that was put on top of the coffee prior to serving).

Soy Mocha at Kilau Coffee
Soy Mocha at Kilau Coffee

OK, so much for the looks – although, let me add that the café, albeit small, also had a cool, fresh feel to it, which would be the result of both the décor and the relaxed staff – but let’s talk about the taste. To put it simply: divine! Hardly ever do I allow myself to be vocal in public when enjoying food, but this time I couldn’t help the “Mmmm” as I took the first sip upon stepping outside with my takeaway coffee. It was smooth and deliciously creamy, lovely sweet and slightly punchy, but not overwhelming in either way, and of just the right temperature to enjoy it there and then. The small size was also perfect for me, but it’s good to know they also have two bigger options.

I feel like I should carry on, but really, there’s not much more to add: arguably, this was the best soy mocha I have ever had.

Considering the experience as a whole, I really regret not living anywhere near this lovely part of town; and even though I wouldn’t want to return to student life, there’s this one thing I sure envy these guys – a perfect coffee, right at their doorstep!

Mocha: £2.35

Verdict justification: Amazing coffee! To top that up: friendly atmosphere and cool, relaxed staff. A perfect Black Spot!

4 thoughts on “Kilau Coffee

  1. thanks for the kind words! Next time you are in the area, we have a separate cafe upstairs with a garden out the back too. Really pleased you enjoyed our coffee, and I enjoy reading your thoughts on Aberdeen.

    1. It’s me who needs to say ‘thank you’ to yourself for the coffee. Planning a trip to the Botanic Gardens sometime soon so will come in then; let me know if you want to meet for a chat!
      Cheers again!

  2. Well, that’s that Blog-site done. Not much point doing anymore reviews now that you have reached the top, figuratively and physically. Can I suggest that you focus on other flavours of Blackspot eg in the Botanic gardens, again towards the back, are a couple of pools one currenty has small nascent tadpoles.

    1. Thank you Paul for this considerate suggestion; sadly, I need to decline – I prefer to stick to coffee. Thank goodness I am not tied by commercial responsibilities in that respect and for the beauty of living in a democratic state allowing for freedom of speech. Won’t you agree?
      Thanks for your committment to bother to comment. Your departure will ne noted.

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