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I always thought that one of the blissful things about an office Monday to Friday job are the weekends off – the time when you can finally unwind and do all the things you couldn’t fit into your workday schedule. In my case it doesn’t work that way, however.

It seems that my Saturdays and Sundays are packed with extracurricular activities – mainly nourishing my body and mind, such as gym sessions or French lessons – and then, the weekend ends without me being able to watch that movie that’s been waiting on the shelf for weeks, or, yes – visiting a cafe.

I have, however, managed to fit one such visit in this month, and, hallelujah!, it was the right choice – recommended, oh irony, by my office workmate. I had only raised my worry on a Friday afternoon before finishing my last shift that week to get an instant reply: go to Musa. It was pretty much up my street and on my way into town that following Saturday, and since I had got myself up too early that day to do some boxercise, I figured I had no excuse to having a little bit of indulgence.

Mocha at Musa
Mocha at Musa

When I entered, I was a bit mesmerised by the art decor (quite literally as the place also serves as a gallery) that gave it a posh feel. The place was packed too, and I thought I wouldn’t actually have the chance to taste their, apparently, exquisite coffee myself – but the front of house did not make any issues of giving me one of the two remaining tables; unfortunately it was just by the door, so I felt rather exposed and guilty to be taking a 4-seater all to myself and my single cup of coffee.

The serving time for my mocha was reasonably good for the level of business, and the waitresses’ up-beat attitude in those rather manic surroundings, having to serve large plates of food over two floors, made up for the wait. So did the presentation of my coffee which simply promised a good brew. And such it was.

The balance between espresso and chocolate was ideal, the creaminess – very pleasant on the tongue; it actually felt like every sip melted delicately on the tongue. I loved it. Plus, the biscuit on the side, and the fancy jug of water that was delivered when I asked for a glass of tap, complemented the experience.

I have to give it back to my workmate – this was a great recommendation, one I would share myself. And if an opportunity arises, I would also happily try their food on one of their music nights. Sounds like a good weekend plan, no?

Mocha: £3.20

Verdict justification: Great coffee, pleasant staff, nice atmosphere and an art gallery/music venue in one. What’s not to like?

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