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For the sake of variability, ideally I’d like to review cafes in different parts of town. Unfortunately, due to a busy work schedule, I often have to make do with the venue options that coincide with my assignment location; hence my recent return to George Street and a Sunday cuppa as part of extra-curricular weekend work… Which was not a problem considering my previous rather positive experience.

Medium Mocha at Mojo Coffee and Food House
Medium Mocha at Mojo Coffee and Food House

The cafe I visited this time was actually Dave‘s next-door neighbour; and although I had been dreaming of Dave‘s mocha for a while, Mojo would be my only choice that afternoon – simply because, unlike its competitors, it opened on a Sunday. It turned out I was quite lucky as they had decided on a 7-day business week only one or two weekends before then.

Another reason why I decided on that spot was that they had WiFi and I desperately (as ever) needed to be connected. Although I had only ordered one coffee, I stayed over an hour sorting out my workload – and still, when I was leaving, I got a nice smile and a “thank you darling” from the senior member of staff (which I gathered at my arrival when he was explaining something to the younger girl behind the bar). In that time quite a few people went through the place which suggested it was rather popular, both for drinks and food.

I stuck to my old ways and ordered myself a mocha before setting up my work station by a high table. The coffee arrived soon after and looked very promising and scrumptious with a smooth flat-white-like lid of milk, slightly bulged up on top, and a healthy dusting of chocolate. I couldn’t help myself, so I got stuck in – and paid for my impatience with a wee burn on the tongue – the coffee was simply too hot to enjoy straight away. However, that was it’s only major minus. It might not have been as sweet as Dublin Dave‘s (probably for the better), but it was still unmistakably a mocha; the texture and caffeine-kick were just right and, overall, it was very enjoyable – shame one had to pace herself drinking it.

This second visit to a George Street cafe has reinstated my hopes in Aberdeen’s coffee scene… and took some of the edge of having to work weekends.

Mocha: £2.40 (medium)

Verdict justification: Very good coffee, lovely staff and atmosphere. AND open on Sundays!

2 thoughts on “Mojo Coffee and Food House

  1. Great site. Ace to have something Aberdeen local!!

    What do you think about the standard of design when it comes to Aberdeen coffee shops? By design I mean everything from logo design, to colour schemes, and interior design. You’ve recent reviewed Dublin Dave’s & Mojo, both of which strike me as really garish. Not all are bad, “The Coffee House” – although lacking in other (perhaps more important elements) – has nice clean design.

    Do you think this matters? How does Aberdeen stack up to other cities?

  2. Hi Tom, thank you for your comment. Firstly let me just say that this is all my personal views and I’m just a self-proclaimed expert, in my own right, if you will.
    So, in my opinion – yes, interior design does matter in a coffee shop. For people who always go to the same high-street shop for their regular drink it’s probably less so; but, as you might have gathered, I rate the cafes on an overall experience, the brew being the major part, of course, but also taking into account the staff and the atmosphere of the place – to which an appropriate decor contributes hugely.
    Now, as for what works, that’s a tough cookie, as it all comes down to individual tastes. For example, I loved the cold professional and minimalistic style of the Project Coffee or Blackwood Coffee in Edinburgh; but I also loved the effort that went into rather OTT but sticking to their style cafe designs in Poland. On the other hand, I didn’t like the school-diner layout of The Coffee House or the claustrophobic interiors at The Beautiful Mountain in Aberdeen…
    This is painting a bleak picture for the Granite City, but trust me, so far I have had more positive experience here, than, proportionately, in Edinburgh, where I started my coffee journey – and where I spent more time out of the two. If you have any recommendations, please let me know – and do share your own experiences! What do you think about Aberdeen coffee scene?


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