The Monkey House

A pub would never be my preferred choice of venue when I’m in search of an afternoon cup of coffee. However, faced with the prospect of ending up at one of the high street chains – since time constraints forced me and my companion that day to agree a location on Aberdeen’s Union Street – The Monkey House suddenly became a somewhat desirable location.

Mocha at The Monkey House
Mocha at The Monkey House

Having visited the place previously I knew it was a pretty decent pub; but I did not have any high expectations of their coffee offering. But it was quiet (it was, after all, 4pm on a weekday) and the booth-style tables allowed a good view of the street, soaked in sunshine – so, if nothing else, the House offered a bit of respite.

As we ordered, one of the baristas, solely manning the restaurant bar (separate from the main area) took his time making our drinks – which was fine, as we were busy talking anyway. But when my mocha arrived we both sighed in a bit of a surprised admiration – for a pub the presentation was rather special.

I’ve never been a huge fan of coffee beans sitting on top of the foam but I waited with scooping them off (the remaining ones anyway, as I ended up chewing on one – naturally) until I took the first sip – and my surprise grew. The brew was sweet and punchy, of smooth consistency and just the right temperature.  All in all, nothing to complain about, especially considering the price of this decent-sized drink.

My companion had little to comment on, having downed his double espresso in two sips; but we both left the place smiling, not simply for having enjoyed a good chat.

Mocha: £2.00

Verdict justification: Tasty drink on a budget with a presentation punching above its weight. At a pub!

The Monkey House, 1 Union Terrace Aberdeen AB10 1NJ

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