Hilton Aberdeen Treetops

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Again, a location I would not normally choose for my coffee break; but since a job led me to the beachfront hotel – and I happened to arrive one hour early – I decided to have a go at their hot drink offering and find out, whether the Hilton coffee stands up to the hotel’s global reputation.

As I arrived I felt a bit perplexed, not knowing where to go: straight ahead into the lounge, past the alcohol-driven bar, or left, to the restaurant; instead I approached the bar and asked, how I should order.

Mocha at Hilton Aberdeen Treetops
Mocha at Hilton Aberdeen Treetops

The single bartender shared my confusion for a split second, judging by his face – but quickly took my order of a mocha and invited me to take a seat, while he’d sort out the rest.

I made myself comfy on one of the sofas in the more secluded area, at the back of the lounge, and awaited some coffee-making sounds. Before I heard anything, I got lost in work, preparing for my imminent job – and then, all of a sudden – the bartender arrived with my coffee… and a copy of The Times with it. Then followed the question: Which room should I put this on?, which maybe explained the poor man’s confusion earlier. I quickly explained I was only visiting and rushed to the till to pay, before even tasting my coffee. The bill for a cup of mocha seemed dear, but I put my faith in quality for money – and so it was!

Although on first sight the brew seemed to have an artificial layer of foam on top, it was actually pleasantly creamy, just like the rest of the concoction. It had rich sweetness and good caffeine kick, but neither of these elements overpowering the whole thing. I was trying to pace myself but in minutes I was scraping the bottom of the cup with a teaspoon, not wanting to waste a single drop, and considering another cup – but soon enough it was time to get back to work – in good stead.

In different circumstances (namely, if I hadn’t been forced to wait a considerable amount of time at a hotel lounge), I would have had second thoughts about paying the money for a simple cup of mocha – but I’m glad the circumstances turned out to be just so as the Hilton Treetops mocha was definitely worth every penny.

Mocha: £3.50

Verdict justification: Delicious, and leaving room for more!


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