The Black Faced Sheep

When the working week gets a bit too hectic, there is no better way to unwind than to take a hike in the countryside over the weekend. Following that line of thinking, I have once more ventured out into the greens of Aberdeenshire and landed on the edge of the Highlands, in a village called Aboyne.

Mocha at The Black Faced Sheep
Mocha at The Black Faced Sheep

There was a number of cafes I saw on my way to my recommended destination – The Black Faced Sheep which, unless I was told otherwise, I would not have been able to identify it as a coffee shop. Even after stepping thorough the door, it looked more like a country shop with food items and cute decorations for sale; but sure enough, indoors, up a couple of steps, there was the cafe area, with another room back of house where I decided to take my breakfast that morning.

It was a quaint place, with old-fashioned decor, pictures of birds on walls and an odd high back wing chair here and there. There were also busy menu boards on the walls in the first room, with a wide selection of drinks, cakes and food, but no typical breakfast options; in which case I had to go for a sandwich – a salmon bagel, to be precise, which arrived alongside a gorgeous side salad.

My coffee option was, of course, a mocha. It was quickly delivered and made an instant positive impression, despite not so smooth a texture of the milk, as evidenced by the  froth on top of the drink. That didn’t spoil it too much though; the taste was sweet but not overpowering in that respect, and even throughout – and if it hadn’t been sweet enough, a few chocolate pieces spilled on the plate on which the coffee was served would have addressed that problem… but served just as well as a post-sandwich treat.

All in all, it was a good start to the day before enjoying the great outdoors on a rather chilly November day; the place was quiet and relaxing, the staff attentive but not overly so and the coffee was a pleasant treat. Definitely recommended for a random visit to Aboyne.

Mocha: £2.65

Verdict justification: Lovely coffee and pleasant venue – that’s all it takes!

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