Parx Cafe

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Having lived in this city for more than three years now, you’d think I’d know all of its coffee secrets – but, alas!, Aberdeen still throws up a surprise in some of the most unexpected places. Parx Cafe was one of those revelations.

I was strolling down Robislaw Terrace, just out of a meeting and on my way back to the office, when I noticed the A-board – and then the cafe down the steps from it. The name sounded familiar – quite possibly having seen it in one of online reviews for Granite City’s best breakfast offerings; or maybe I had noticed it before on one of the rare occasions I had been walking in this area, but never paid it much heed before.

But when I saw it this time, my first thought was: this place looks cool; my second thought was: this street – the start of a long chain of business’ HQs – really needs a venue like this, with no other cafe that I’d know of, closer than Union Street; and my final thought was: it’s coffee time!

Mocha at Parx Cafe
Mocha at Parx Cafe

As I walked down the steps and through the door, the second thought was instantly confirmed: the spacious venue had almost all seats taken by suit-and-tie folk. The place itself was fresh, open and simplistic, but offering a great selection of tasty looking home made sandwiches, cakes and breakfast options; you could even pick up fresh strawberries and cream for a healthy morning option.

I settled for a mocha and went for one of the few remaining seats (by a huge table that could host a family dinner) – just after pouring myself a cup of water that I simply knew would be there on the condiment bar – I could tell this was the kind of place to offer this.

The coffee arrived some minutes later, and that curbed my excitement a bit – the frothy layer of milk heavily sprinkled with cocoa made me a bit weary of what lay underneath. Thankfully, appearances were deceiving in this case: the Parx mocha packed a punch, with a sweet, rich chocolatey taste, which was not sickening, however. It was a very moreish cup, and its only small minus was the texture, as noted upon arrival – that layer of froth compromising on the smoothness throughout.

If this had been my local work cafe, I would be pretty content with both the food options and – maybe more importantly – the coffee, as a lunch break at Parx would be a proper treat – and one to crave for time and time again!


Mocha (regular): £2.90


Great venue with tasty coffee and ample food spread – what else do you need to complete the daily business routine!

Find out more on Parx Cafe website.

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