About this place…

I am a freelance writer and a coffee lover. I decided to combine those two passions in the blog that you are now reading.

Here you will find reviews of coffee shops that I have visited: the atmosphere, the service and – most importantly – the coffee. But, here’s the twist: rather than look at your average espresso or latte, I’m judging my favourite speciality drink: mocha.

It was born out of my impulsive quest to find the one coffee shop that served the best mochas out of them all – this one special Black Spot… well, by now there has been a number of those, across the UK and abroad, all exceptional for different reasons, but bound by gifted coffee-loving staff.

It all started with my own career as a barista at one of the high street coffee chains, where I developed the skills and knowledge required to make coffee, as well as to truly appreciate it.

So, apart from my subjective suggestions as to where you should get your next cuppa while out and about, here you will also find some specialist knowledge about the origins and characteristics of coffee – from bean to cup – as well as my own ideas for brews (hot and cold) made at home.

I try to cater for all tastes – but if you feel there is something missing from this site, or have a general comment, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the form below. And, who knows, we might once meet at the same Black Spot!