Coffee in COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything – but, as they say, change is the only constant…

No one could have expected this turn of events. Here in the UK, life was normal in February 2020, only tainted with worrying reports of a virus spreading outside of China and into popular travel destinations in Europe. Now, those times seem a lifetime away…

Today, every country’s situation will look different, depending on the restrictions imposed – driven by the sad statistics relating to the virus. In the UK, lockdown is set to continue for quite some time yet, with the few things allowed including exercising outdoors within a short radius of your home and ordering take-away food (limited to delivery or on-street pickup).

Making the most of these two freedoms, this Coffee in COVID section is dedicated solely to cafés in Aberdeen (where I am currently based) offering take-away service with social distancing measures in place.

Something for all you fellow Aberdonians looking for a break from the “new-norm”, or for all you visitors on the go, once the restrictions are lifted…

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Spider on a Bicycle

All in all – considering the evident artisanship in the produce and use of ingredients such as chocolate flakes over powder – I don’t rate it as a bad experience, and there is tangible passion in the place that makes you leave with a smile on your face. I will certainly be back once normal service resumes.

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Bonobo Café

The moment I took the lid off, I knew.

The surface of the drink – even though (beautifully) dusted with chocolate – looked silky smooth and shiny. I actually got excited for what was about to come next.

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Indeed, there have always been queues to Blether whenever I’d drive by on a weekend, despite the Costa at the opposite end; even now, half an hour before closing, there were a few people waiting: some for their coffee, others for their food order. Lucky for me, everyone had already ordered so shortly after I arrived at the door I had my own order taken…

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