Cocoa Ooze

Back in Aberdeen and on our way from work to a pub me and my workmate instantly spotted this new chocolate shop on Belmont Street – who wouldn’t? The name suggested a lot of goodness, the workshop advert –  commitment to the product in question, and the menu spotted through the window reassured me they also served coffee – and so I knew this would be the next place I would review.

When I actually visited, I was on my way from the gallery towards the Maritime Museum, so I felt quite arty and spiritually enriched. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was running the risk of spoiling the mood by finding Cocoa Ooze full to bursting, but thankfully as I arrived there were a couple of tables free in this rather spacious venue (as far as coffee shops go).

Mocha at Cocoa Ooze
Mocha at Cocoa Ooze

The place was buzzing – partly because of a number of staff trying to cope with the orders; you could sense the tension through their polite service and some forced smiles – nothing I would hold against them, remembering my Saturdays in the trade. The glasses of hot chocolate that were being served as I walked to the counter looked stunning and I hoped for little less from my mocha. I was tempted to consider a little sweet snack from the adjacent pastry case but stuck to my post-Edinburgh resolutions.

As I waited for my coffee I looked through the menu, which boasted a nice selection of sandwiches and salads, and scanned the surroundings, noting rather expensive cocoa making sets and the fact that the food looked as appetising as the menu suggested. Quickly enough my mocha was served by a trainee-looking barista, who, however, presented great  (personalised) customer service.

I did like the “messy” look of my brew which suggested real chocolate was used for making it (as would be expected); however, there was little more in the cup to name it a mocha coffee. It tasted like hot milk flavoured with some melting pieces of chocolate and no espresso kick whatsoever. Also, my fondness of “side biscuits” served with the coffee was not satisfied as the drink arrived with a side serving of chocolate. Understandable – and yet, a bit too much cocoa ooze for me there.

It is a shame that a place that should specialise in chocolate did not deliver on a chocolate coffee. But if we could eat with our eyes, I think I would be quite content just watching what other people were being served.

Mocha: £2.60

Verdict justification: Nice looking place with some good looking cocoa… but unimpressive coffee

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