And now for something a little bit different

Not long before Christmas McDonald’s proudly promoted the newest addition to their hot drinks range: the mocha. I had never before had a coffee from McDonald’s as I hardly frequent the place these days (although I used to be hooked up on vanilla milkshakes back in the days) but a number of my friends and relatives complimented their “freshly ground arabica range” – so when on one cold market day I felt like I would do with a hot beverage in between shopping without breaking my already stretched budget I decided to ignore Starbucks and Cafe Nero and bravely entered the Fast Food World.

The usually overpacked high street shop was surprisingly free of crazy crowds which I took for a good sign; I was almost instantly called to the counter where I made my simple order. The attendant seemed to struggle a bit with the coffee machines – it looked like there were no beans in one and no milk in the other… Having noticed which I instantly regretted my decision to order there.

I used to work in a restaurant that had two fully automated coffee machines, when all you had to keep an eye on were the bean hoppers, making sure to refill them; all over an above that required pressing a button to get a cappucino or a latte – which didn’t differ one from another other than the shape of the glass they were served in. Mochas were a bit different – they required an addition of a Cadbury’s instant chocolate into the glass before pressing the Latte button – regardless, I don’t look back at that time or the coffees served and drunk with particular content.

As I drifted away in my thoughts, the coffee was somehow assembled (I completely missed the process somehow) and a cup with a lid was presented to me. Although I had been good to myself, cutting down unnecessary fat, I did wish for a whipped cream but doubted there was one put on – and yet, a positive surprise awaited when I took the lid of to snap a quick (and rather indiscreet) photo of my McCafe purchase.

Mocha at McDonald's
Mocha at McDonald’s

Before I ventured out into the stormy outdoors I took a wee sip of the concoction – and I have to admit, I was shocked by how nice it was. It had a good sweet flavour – something I had been really craving by that time – but also notable caffeine kick to it. The next time I took a sip was when I found shelter from the wind and rain in a shopping centre, by which time the whipped cream had already dissolved into the beverage, giving it an even more mellow taste and consistency; also, the more I drunk the sweeter the coffee got, due the residue layer of chocolate on the bottom of the cup, which suggested the use of a thick chocolate syrup, as opposed to powdery cocoa.

Understandably, for a venue that specialises in burgers and coke, the coffee was not top-notch, but it was much better than what I expected. A little stir of the beverage would have balanced out the layers of chocolate and milk in the drink, but even without that it was a pleasant take-away in particularly nasty weather. Overall, the newest McCafe addition has all the right to call itself a mocha – even if I say so myself.

Mocha: £1.29

Verdict justification: Sweet and punchy for a good price. Can’t really complain.

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