The Apple Pie


One of my first jobs in the Lakes required travelling to Grasmere and back a few times a week; thankfully, I was usually driven by car – but also unfortunately, because I only visited Ambleside a few times in these past six years. It certainly is a charming village, with a bit more to offer than Windermere, and probably comparable with Grasmere – and it has The Apple Pie.

The cafe is somehow renowned in the area – it was suggested to me by a few people when they had found out I was travelling to Ambleside. This time, I arrived to the village on a ferry – my first day on Lake Windermere (and highly recommended – make sure you get yourself on the upper deck at some point!). Despite it being Monday and despite empty streets, the cafe itself was heaving – as ever. I somehow managed to save a tight spot between two families and after pondering over a Bayleys’ Hot Chocolate, I decided to stick to a mocha, and a cheeky egg custard to go with it.

Mocha at The Apple Pie
Mocha at The Apple Pie

The order arrived in a very good time considering the level of business.  The coffee was good. It looked nicely layered, had a pleasant texture, but lacked some special punch – more on the coffee side, to be precise, as it was sweet enough, that for sure.

The Apple Pie must be popular for a reason – it wouldn’t be the egg custard, which was rather flavourless, but  most likely their warm apple pie served with ice cream or other home sweet and savoury bakes. I wouldn’t dismiss the coffee, it in enjoyable… but still not the best coffee shop in the Lakes.

Mocha: £2.20 (tbc)

Verdict justification: Nice coffee and somehow a part of the Ambleside experience. Worth a visit.

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