Dublin Dave’s Deli

Ever since I decided (again) to live a more healthy lifestyle and incorporate swimming in my weekly exercise routine I would walk down the extension of Aberdeen centre – George Street – more often, becoming quite familiar with it. I simply couldn’t miss the three cafes in close proximity to each other – two of them, in fact, neighbouring, and looking quite stylish, laid back and perfect for a brunch or quick coffee.

The reason why I visited one of those neighbouring cafes was a need for a place with WiFi, having an hour to spare and online arrangements to attend to. As I entered Dublin Dave’s Deli on a Saturday lunchtime afternoon, the smaller than it seemed from outside space was quite buzzing. There were a few tables taken with customers enjoying soups, sandwiches and impressive mugs of chocolate; but there were also a few people in the queue awaiting their take-away salads and jacket potatoes. I felt a bit rushed when questions were fired at me before I understood how the system operated – firstly by the guy on the food bar, followed by the other one who was operating the espresso machine and the till. But I was quite surprised when upon my order of a mocha I was presented with a selection of flavours, out of which I went for cinnamon – partly feeling obliged to take up the offer (produced at a machine gun speed), partly because I felt quite indulgent after my swim (and there goes the healthy lifestyle). Curiously, I was not asked about the size, but when I subsequently glanced on the menu on the wall (which I managed to miss previously) I learnt mochas only arrived in a large size – at £2.20 per cup!

Cinnamon Mocha at Dublin Dave's Deli
Cinnamon Mocha at Dublin Dave’s Deli

I made myself comfortable with my digital gadgets by one of the tables (which were filling up quickly) and begun browsing; the coffee arrived soon after in an impressive mug with an impressive whipped cream topping. Of course, that addition would have aided the drink slightly; but even when that was gone the brew had a lovely, thick texture throughout, beautiful sweetness and just a slight but noticeable bite of coffee. The cinnamon flavour was also quite strong, but not overwhelming – and all in all it was just what I needed for a relaxing Saturday afternoon.

Another nice surprise awaited me as I went to the till to pay my dues an hour later – I was not charged extra for the flavouring in the coffee!  And I finally got a smile back from the busy man on the register when I said the coffee was gorgeous – and when I left the tip, too.

I feel I should now visit the other two cafes – but I also feel an urge to make my way back to Dave’s for another luxurious cup of mocha…

Mocha: £2.20 (various flavours available)

Verdict justification: The coffee was fantastic and the place very cosy – if only the staff, who proved to be friendly in the end, weren’t as deli-rushed!


3 thoughts on “Dublin Dave’s Deli

  1. Thank you for your review
    Hope to see you again
    Don’t forget all our Coffees come with a Free Refill. Sit in or takeaway. …Sorry we dont Open on a Sunday. ..My Wife told me Sunday IS family Day so I have to play with my 2 son’s
    Thanks again.

    1. Dave! Happy you found the review – and it’s a shame weekends are best for me to venture out for a coffee! But hey, the free refill certainly is an added incentive to swing by during the week – so I might be popping in soon!
      Take care!

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